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Acerca del certificado Master Financial Professional 

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Master Financial Professional
Focus on investments, asset and portfolio management, ethics, regulatory issues, tax, and accounting.
Registered Business Analyst ™ (Mini-MBA)
A strategic MBA refresher with an intensive coverage on innovative and high-powered graduate level finance, business analysis, and leadership topics.
Chartered Wealth Manager ™
Focus on wealth management, high-net worth consulting, and financial sales skills.
Certified Cost Controller ™
Focus on advanced cost control, cost management and accounting protocol and techniques.
Certified Risk Analyst ™
A graduate introduction to risk concepts, theories and systems involved in current day risk management and analysis methodologies.
Registered Financial Specialist ™
Covering financial planning, asset management, inves™ent advising, nd insurance topics.
Master Financial Manager ™
Focus on corporate finance, risk, accounting, and economic topics with high-level corporate financial subject matter coverage.
Market Analyst – Financial Analyst Designate ™
Focus on financial analysis, international markets, inves™ent management, ethics and research.
Chartered Portfolio Manager ™
Focus on portfolio and fund management, research, portfolio technology, and investing.
Chartered Trust and Estate Planner ™
Focus one estate planning, trusts, international tax, family office, utilizing multi-jurisdictional and offshore knowledge.
Certified Credit Analyst ™
Focus on the executive coverage of credit evaluation, financial statements, financial projections, cash-flow analysis, and spreadsheet modeling.
Certified Cash Flow Manager ™
Focus on managerial coverage of cash flow accounting protocol, working capital management strategies, and cash reporting methodologies.
Certified Assistant in Finance ™
Build up a solid foundation in the areas of financial management, financial analysis, and inves™ent evaluation. Help participants develop more achievements in both their careers and further studies

There is a broad view of the AAFM vision of finance landscape Latin and South America. Certain activities are keys for them to effectively identify and leverage value from their assets.

The quality of teaching in finance area depends very much on the qualification and aptitude of Professors. Online Courses

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